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122 Simcoe St, Victoria, BC
(250) 383-0068

The 2 bedroom Cottage

The “Cottage” at Heathergate is reminiscent of an English country cottage retreat, and this one has its own lych gate entrance to a private garden with umbrella table, large south-facing porch deck, and an adjoining herb garden. Let’s just say that more than one gin and tonic has been enjoyed out here in the summer sun! Step through the Cottage’s distinctive  door and 825 square feet of spacious comfort greets the visitor. There are two bedrooms, each with a queen-size bed. Both bedrooms are provided with duvets &  comfy bed linens.   If an extra bed is required  the couch in the sitting room contains a queen hide-a-bed.

The “Cottage,” with its combination of antiques and contemporary furnishings gives a feeling of quiet luxury throughout.  A fully equipped kitchen with  fridge, stove/oven, and microwave is  included.   The added luxury of a dishwasher and an in-house washer-dryer combo make this the ultimate in “home away from home” comfort and convenience. The handsomely finished bathroom includes a large walk-in shower with unrestricted water flows.

We love the “Cottage” and know that you will too!

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