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About Heathergate Cottage & Suites

Heathergate HouseIn 1978 Ned and Ann Easton arrived in Victoria to reside in one of the most beautiful cities in all of Canada. Seventeen years later in 1995 they opened their dream B&B, named Heathergate. Located in the historic and colourful neighbourhood of James Bay, Heathergate is just a few minutes walk from the bustle and charm of the picturesque Inner Harbour and downtown. Aside from its great location and cozy atmosphere, Heathergate had another great asset: the welcoming hospitality offered by two of Victoria’s most dedicated innkeepers. People know when they’ve been treated well, and Heathergate soon had a reputation as one of the best B&Bs in the city. Aside from consistently earning great word of mouth and much repeat business (many guests  returning as often as 15 years running ) , Heathergate is also listed in several leading guidebooks, including Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, and 10 Best Places to Stay in Vancouver and Victoria. The ample amenities and comfortable lodging were always appreciated, but it was the knowledgeable and helpful attentions of Ann and Ned that made each and every guest feel special.

Ned himself built Heathergate, which he finished in an arts-and-crafts style that contributed to the feeling that guests were checking into an English country lodge and not just a regular home that had been repurposed as an ad hoc B&B.  In more recent years Heathergate has transitioned to both short &  extended stay vacation  rentals;  the focus is now on serving  independent self-catering travelers and guests .  Ned and Ann are still on site, offering the same high standards of hospitality that earned them so many accolades in the past. The only difference is that guests will now be self-sufficient. They have all the comforts, privacy and amenities  of home, while avoiding the higher costs and  hustle-bustle of a hotel.

Heathergate HouseAccommodation currently consists of a private, two-bedroom cottage and two one-bedroom ground level flats in the main guesthouse. All are fully furnished and have their own private external entrance, as well as a comfortable sitting room, full  kitchen and access to courtesy laundry facilities. And guests are encouraged to enjoy the professionally landscaped grounds of Heathergate, which abound with a near-riot of beautiful plants and flowers much of the year – an “English country garden” indeed! (The fact that Ned was an avid beekeeper probably helps account for those thousands of colourful blooms that surround Heathergate.)

Stay for two nights or two months – you will always be superbly looked after as a guest of Heathergate. And whether you want to know about horse-drawn carriage rides and whale watching tours, where the best shops and restaurants are, or out-of-the-way places to visit and unique things to do, Ann and Ned will be pleased to help you craft a safe, stimulating and altogether unforgettable stay in one of Canada’s most attractive and delightful cities.

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