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122 Simcoe St, Victoria, BC
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The Grounds & Gardens

One of the most appealing features of Heathergate is the glorious, multi-hued garden and outdoor living space that surrounds it. Professionally landscaped and lovingly tended, this is a classic “English country garden” with plantings that range from rhododendrons to roses, manicured hedges to climbing shrubs. (The fact that Ned was a beekeeper helps guarantee that the grounds of Heathergate resemble an outdoor florist shop.) A riot of colour and texture – especially in summer – this abundant garden is very much an outdoor extension of the guest rooms at Heathergate. Whether reading a book or sipping your coffee – or glass of Chardonnay! – you can relax in the fresh air and savour the beauty of well-groomed nature while planning the day’s activities.

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